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Tis The Season To Fall In Love With Yourself

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Self love is the most important love that you need to nurture and set as a priority. Self love will set the tone for every other relationship that you will experience in this lifetime, personally and professionally. Now that I am done preaching, let the Church say Amen and I digress! As I have previously stated on this Blog, I am obsess with a good smelling candle, especially this time of the year. I burn candles often to relax, cleanse the air and create a warm and cozy atmosphere at home. As the weather gets cooler and the Fall leaves began to change to those beautiful Autumn colors, it’s time to slow down and show yourself some love. Take the time to do the things that brings you joy, and for me there's nothing more relaxing than burning a candle and curling up on couch with a warm cozy blanket, drinking a warm beverage (i.e. hot chocolate or tea) or sipping on a bottle of wine. Give yourself a pamper day, mental health day from work, or just use some vacation time to relax— whether it’s giving your hair some TLC, greasing your scalp, drinking your water, exercising, giving yourself a facial or just putting on that sheet mask, a little selfcare is essential as we wind down towards the end of the year. The ultimate Netflix and chill Season is also here or just time to catch up on your leisure reading with a good book if watching Television doesn’t do it for you. Creating the right ambience and making sure your home smells good and feels like an oasis is a step in the right direction.

In keeping with traditions, I went candle shopping and wanted to share a few candles in my collection with you all. Now, is the perfect time to practice some selfcare and self love before the craziness of the Holiday season. Soon, in like 1, 2, 3 it will be madness; I think I am sitting this one out but somehow just somehow I always get sucked right into it, and I know I am not alone lol. Before I get to relaxing with these candles, enjoy some pics of them and let me know if you’re a candle lover too!

In case you're interested in picking up any of these for yourself, the 1st candle is by Artisan Supply, Frosted Evergreen, hand poured, scented candle; the 2nd by Paper White Candle Company, White Pumpkin Scented Candle; the 3rd by James & Maria Organic Co, Butter Pecan Waffle, hand poured in the USA, and last but not least is an oldy but goody Avon Candle, Apple Picking Scented. The James & Maria candle states that "20% of all profits are donated to help low income families establish a brighter future through renewal and education" and based on this alone I was sold but the scent I picked is truly chef's kiss amazing!

"It's all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self-love deficit." Eartha Kitt

Safety Tip: Always be present and awake when burning candles, be sure to burn within sight, keep out of the reach of children and never burn candles near anything that can catch fire.


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