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COVID-19 and Cancelled Travel Plans: How to be optimistic for better days ahead

With all the restrictions and advisories to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), travel has been a major area of life impacted. While many businesses have been forced to closed their doors, the travel industry is also one of the hardest hit. Our ability to move freely even within our own neighborhood and community has been limited while currently under government order to stay-at-home; therefore, getting on a plane or even jumping in the car for a quick road trip has been out of the question. We have been told to avoid unnecessary travel so unless you have an urgent need to travel, which I don't think a vacation/getaway fits the definition of either urgent and/or necessary, your travel plans have been cancelled, until further notice. Risk of exposure to and spreading the virus increases in crowded and closed-in settings such as an airport or airplane are heightened; therefore, better to be safe than sorry and put our travel plans on pause for now. However, it's still disappointing not being able to travel whether for business or leisure, and it's yet another reminder of how much life has changed since this virus. Especially if you have a stressful job or just needing a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, travel allowed for that getaway and rejuvenation period. If you are one of those people, who had to cancel a vacation, hopefully negotiating a refund or voucher for future use has not been a complete nightmare.

I am here to remind you though that just because we can't go anywhere now, it doesn't mean this will last forever. This too shall pass, and we will be on our way to some faraway, adventurous and exotic destination soon. Lord knows some of us will need that vacation and getaway even more now to escape and de-stress from this nightmare we are currently living in. Let's use this moment now as a time for reflecting and planning for the future.

For example, you can start researching travel destinations and activities you would like to do with friends/family once this is all over. Don't unpack those luggages just yet and try to remain optimistic that better days are ahead. I am not big on online shopping, but I think it's perfectly ok to purchase a new swimsuit, sun glasses or a cute vacation outfit just to get in the right mindset that life will go back to normal soon.

You can start saving for a vacation, if that is at all possible for you in these hard economic times. If you got a Stimulus check from the government, perhaps you can use some of that money to start saving for your next vacation. Of course, that is after your immediate food/shelter and basic needs are met.

Now is also a great time to reminisce on previous vacations, especially the last one. My last trip was to Martha's Vineyard, and I am really glad I said yes to the opportunity, despite the fact that I was going through a really difficult moment at the time and initially wanted to decline the invite. It was my first time at the Vineyard, and I really loved the island. So here's to saying yes more  to new opportunities because you never really know if that will be the last chance you get to have that particular experience. I hope I do get to go back to the Vineyard but as things stand, who knows when that will be possible. Here's a fun question, if you knew your last vacation/getaway would be your last one for awhile, what would you have done differently?

Sharing a few pics below from the Vineyard. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and stay optimistic!

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