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12 Tips to Practice Self-Care at Home

Self-care is truly important to overall health and wellness but the question is why aren't we all prioritizing it?

It surprises me that so many have no idea how to practice self-care. For some, it's a foreign concept that requires a lot of thought, planning, money and leaving your home (e.g. going to a fancy spa, maybe a massage on the beach, traveling) and all sounds delightful and indeed a form of self-care  but the point is you don’t have to wait until you have the time or money to go to the spa or travel in order to practice self-care. Self-care can be seamlessly incorporated in your daily activities and can be practiced right in the comfort of your home. 

Both your physical and mental health should be a priority for success and well-being in our fast-paced world. Self-care is about finding balance from the daily grind and responsibilities, slowing down, setting boundaries and sometimes saying no to others in order to prioritize your own needs. Because self-care is crucial to overall physical, emotional and mental well-being, it should be practiced daily in my opinion; there's no need to wait for the weekend, the Holidays or a vacation.

Each day, you should be looking for an opportunity to do something for you. I try to embrace the mindset that tomorrow is not promised and health is the most precious gift one can have so take care of you. Don’t feel bad for being a little selfish; take care of you first so you can take better care of the people around you. Don’t believe me? Maybe you will listen to our former First Lady Michelle Obama who wrote in her autobiographical memoir, Becoming:

"I had learned through my years of trying to find balance in my life that it was okay to flip those priorities and care only for ourselves once in a while. I was more than happy to wave this banner on behalf of my friends, to create the reason—and the power of a tradition—for a whole bunch of women to turn to kids, spouses, and colleagues and say, Sorry, folks, I'm doing this for me.

Below, I am sharing some tips and ideas for how you can practice self-care at home:

  1. Learn to say 'No'

  2. Disconnect from the phone and social media for awhile

  3. Practice Deep Breathing

  4. Take a warm bath

  5. Pour a glass of wine and curl-up on the couch with a good book

  6. De-clutter your home

  7. Open up widows to let in fresh air and burn some sage

  8. Relax with a warm cup of tea

  9. Give yourself a DIY at home facial

  10. Enjoy homemade breakfast/brunch or bake cookies/cake if you're a baker

  11. Write in journal

  12. Read Bible and pray

A combination of any of the above will make for a perfect day/evening of relaxation and self-care! What other self-care tips have your practiced at home? Let me know if you try any of the above and if you notice a change in your overall health and wellness.

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