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Happiness and living your best life

Happiness can be defined as a state of well-being where you are deeply connected with your thoughts and emotions, and living a fulfilled life deeply rooted in purpose and contentment. Happiness is found from within. This is nothing new. No one is going to make you happy—at least not all of the time. No amount of money will make you happy. Just like poverty does not make you unhappy or “piss poor morally” (wanted to quote that lyric for the longest time lol). Quote is from rapper T.I.’s 2008 hit song: Just Live Your Life featuring the amazingly talented Rihanna. I hope she put out some new music soon, but I know she's probably super busy with all of her new business ventures. Anyway from two of my favorite artists my thoughts to you today is to “just live your life (AYY! Ayyy ayyy ayyy).” Live life with purpose, passion and gratitude, and I believe that is the key to finding true happiness.

Happiness can be found in the simple pleasures of everyday life and not necessarily in the amount of money in your bank account or the resources you have. Success also does not equal happiness. What makes you happy? The answer is in the question, YOU. Happiness is an inside job and you create the kind of life you want and feel you deserve. You are in charge of your well-being mentally, spiritually and emotionally. While it’s true no one can be happy all of the time, you should always have joy. Take the time to learn yourself and what it is that you need to feel joyful. Joy is not circumstantial which means everything can be falling apart around you, but yet you are able to remain calm, hopeful and grateful for what you do have.

If you are struggling to find your purpose and to be happy, thank God there are resources and people who can help you do the work that’s needed. You can talk with a trusted friend or family member or seek the help of a professional therapist. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, how are you feeling, and where are you on the happiness scale?

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