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Healthy Social-distancing Recipe: Banana/Spinach Pancakes

It has been months now since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) made its debut into the world and changing life as we know it. We are truly living in unprecedented times and sometimes it all feels like a dream. We have reached the point where some are feeling a little anxious for things to get back to normal, but no one knows for sure when that will be possible. New York State has been under lock-down for a few weeks now and Governor Andrew Cuomo, recently announced that the State's shutdown (stay-at-home) Order that was set to expire at the end of April has been extended until May 15, 2020. Therefore, we have no choice but to brace ourselves for a few more weeks of social distancing, staying home and trying our best to stay healthy.

I wanted to take a moment to check-in and see how you guys are holding up. How are you feeling? What have you been doing to stay in good spirit? I know it can be challenging to stay strong mentally, physically, and emotionally given that so many have lost their lives due to this pandemic. But it’s important that we try our best to stay strong, stay positive and try to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle during this time. Some days will be better than others, but I am convinced that the challenges we face now during this crisis will only make us stronger and help us to appreciate the things that are most important. This lockdown is also making me realize how much I took for granted the simple things such as getting-up and going-to-work, going to a restaurant, meeting-up with friends, visiting a museum and just roaming the streets freely.

Since this pandemic started one of the decisions we made was to stop eating out and cooking all of our meals at home. So it has been a lot of home-cooking while being on lock-down. I love to experiment and come up with new recipes. I am always improvising even during normal times, so you can only imagine now how creative I have been getting in the kitchen lol. I wanted to share this new recipe I came up with. I don't know if anyone has ever done this before, but I know this is my first-time making banana/spinach pancakes! How did I come up with this idea, you might ask? Well, my spouse went grocery shopping last week and purchased two big box of spinach and a whole bunch of (huge) bananas. I am grateful that he went grocery shopping; God bless him! But two observations: first, clearly, he does not do grocery shopping often because you're not supposed to buy too much of those two items; they will end up going to waste as you won't be able to eat them fast enough. Second, I am very selective when I shop for bananas (after many years of dating and marriage I am surprised he did not know that lol). I know this may be weird, but I do not like big bananas; they just seem so unnatural. Hence, I have been coming up with new and creative ways to use spinach and bananas to avoid them going to waste. I am not a very good baker, so banana bread is out of the question.

Ingredients Needed for banana/spinach pancakes:

· Regular pancake mix

· Milk

· Bananas

· Spinach

As you can see very simple recipe. You are in luck if you have these items in your home right now because the banana/spinach pancakes turned out amazing and most importantly, they have a healthy kick. I hope you give it a try and let me know how you like them. Bon Appetit ~

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