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Love Your Lawyer Day 2021: Celebrating Our Founder

Today, November 5, 2021, is National Love Your Lawyer Day. The day is observed on the first Friday of November, and is a day to celebrate lawyers, and show the lawyers in your life love and appreciation. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our Founder, Christine, on more than a decade of providing dedicated legal services in the health and wellness space, and supporting government programs through litigation and advocacy that helps to improve the lives of others.

A quote from an article featured on National Today expresses our sentiment and we couldn’t have said it better “the lawyer’s job is to help with the understanding of the law and how it affects the rights of the common person, as well as the government. Across many societies, lawyers are perceived as crooked, untruthful, and sly. This isn’t true for every lawyer. There are many lawyers who set out on that career path solely to do good when it is within their power, and who are doing just that.”

Cheers to you Christine, and we wish you many more years of professional growth and excellence!

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