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No Pain No Gain: Having Clear 2020 Vision for Achieving Your Goals

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Success comes with hard work, dedication and the willingness to fail. Sometimes you must go through pain in order to gain resistance, strength and end up victorious. Your success may even be that much more rewarding if you’ve overcome some challenges and obstacles along the way. Just as if you were trying to get physically in shape, if you’re doing the right exercises you will feel the burn, you will sweat, and you will lose your breath at times, but if you are not doing the right exercises and/or not working hard enough your results will likely be minimal consequently. The same is true for anything else that you want to achieve in life; the efforts you put in will determine the results that you get.

Keep these principles in mind in order for you to overcome the obstacles that may come your way and try to deter you from achieving your goals:

  • In the pursuit of happiness, there’s always going to be that negative voice sometimes in your own head or the people closest to you, bringing on doubts and fear. Face your fears by tuning out those negative voices and carry on with your vision.

  • Remember that fear has killed more dreams than most people realize. Don’t allow fear to keep you from pursuing your goals. Willingness to face your fears and endure the bad will only make the good that much more rewarding.

  • Timing is everything. Your blessing has your name on it, and no one can claim it. I love that Tasha Cobb-Leonard song “I’m Getting Ready” that talks about getting ready for overflow and blessings because God’s getting ready to do a new thing in your life in 2020 so get ready!

  • Resist the urge to share your dreams with certain people. Some just won’t get it and will try to convince you of all the reasons you can’t or won’t succeed (it may not even be their fault or even any ill will towards you). Nevertheless, just avoid those negative nay-saying dream killers. This, however, is to be distinguished from constructive criticism from trusted friends, family and advisors that can help you grow.

  • Expect the best but be prepared for the worst by having a plan A, B, and C. By having a contingency plan, you can minimize risk and avoid having to start over from scratch.

  • Let your passion drive a burning desire in you to succeed. Even when you fall, think about what motivated you to start in the first place and find the strength to get back up and try again.

  • Don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s in fact this is probably one of the worst things you can do. It might take one person one year and another two to achieve the same goal, but one journey is not necessarily better than the next. Trust your journey and work at your own pace. You may have to sweat and work twice as hard as the next person to get what you want but in the end the reward will be that much sweeter knowing that you did it and you did it on your own terms.

  • And “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” Successful people go through obstacles and sometimes fail. The struggle is not just unique to you. This is for those people who always think that they have it the worse and the universe is out to get them. Life is hard and success will not come easy. What differentiate the successful and those who are not are perseverance and just the willingness to go out there and try. Try your best, face your fears and when times get hard always remember what motivated you to start in the first place.

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