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Summer 2020 is NOT cancelled: 5 ideas to make your staycation more enjoyable

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Reminiscing Happy Times at the Beach
Beach vibes

I truly love summer and all of the good feelings that comes with the season----the sunshine, the longer days, the outdoor events and of course the food, who doesn't love a good summer BBQ. Because I believe in seasonal mood changes, I try to stay in a summer frame of mind all year long, but friends it's not the same as the real thing. I am originally from the Island of Haiti so I love anything tropical---warmer weather, clear blue sea/sandy beaches, palm trees, hibiscus flowers and so on. I love the beaches in the Caribbean in particular because the water is often so clear and warm to swim or splash in. However, now that we are still under travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, there's no Caribbean beach vacation in my future any time soon, and I am guessing it's the same for many people. Should you still request time-off from work (even with no plans to travel anywhere) and have a staycation? The obvious answer is yes.  Let's face it, 2020 has been a challenging year thus far and we should be grateful to have made it this far safe and healthy, so why not look on the bright side of things and reward yourself with a nice staycation.  Just because you are not travelling anywhere far doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the warmer weather from the comfort of your home or do something locally, so long as you can still practice social distancing. Taking a break from work to soak-up some sun, in a relaxing atmosphere, can still do some good for your mental-health and well-being, even if not on a remote Island getaway.  A stay-cation can be just as relaxing and rejuvenating if you plan it the right way. Below, I am sharing five ideas to improve your staycation experience, and emerge from it rested, rejuvenated and less stress:

  1. Do not start any new house projects during your staycation. It's also not the time to do a deep cleaning and decluttering of your home. Ideally, you should be starting your staycation with a clean house, clean laundry and clean fridge so you can restock on all the necessities of a stay-cation. So do make sure to start your staycation with a clean home and clean laundry because the key is to do as much relaxing as possible and take a break from the daily-grind and usual house chores. Of course you will still need to do the basics like make your bed and do the dishes because unfortunately a staycation does not come with housekeeping services but anything that is not an absolute necessity can wait.

  2. Eat at least three healthy meals per day, and yes you can have champagne for breakfast! You're on a staycation and it's five o'clock somewhere in the world. You may also choose to have a picnic or small BBQ in your backyard if you have the private outdoor space as an option, but remember to limit gatherings to only about 10 people (e.g. limit gatherings to family, close friends and/or anyone you have been quarantined with). Keep gatherings low-key, intimate, wear a mask and maintain social distancing if you are socializing with people not in your household. See the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's guidelines on getting together safely during COVID-19 for more information on keeping you and your family safe all while maintaining social connections with others which can be so essential to our health and well being.

  3. Sleep-in, disconnect from social media and limit consumption of the news. You don't sit around on your vacation watching Fox news or CNN or scrolling through Instagram all day so don't do it during your staycation. Instead, watch something that brings you joy and for example enjoy movie nights at home with popcorn and a chilled glass of wine. In the evenings, put your face-mask on, enjoy a glass of wine or switch to a decaffeinated tea to relax and have a Netflix and chill type of vibe.

  4. Read a fun book such as one about a summary destination and/or tropical paradise. Books can allow us to escape and experience a different culture and transport us to any destination. For reading suggestions, you can check out Oprah Magazine's list of 28 of the best books to transport you this summer, written by women around the world.

  5. Nothing says summer like shopping for a few bright pieces of clothing to add to your summer wardrobe. I got some new swimsuit and shorts, and I am planning to wear these even if only to go into the backyard and turning on the garden sprinklers lol. The light blue swimsuit is from this Black women-owned online boutique called OpenKloset and you can shop for it here. I wore a similar long-sleeve swimsuit that I purchased from them last year in Mexico and received so many compliments while in the pool in Cancun. Most of the fabric went towards the making of the top and when they got to the bottom probably ran out of fabrics because the bottom is teeny-tiny and cheeky lol. But when on vacation or staycation, go all out and flaunt it if you got it or even if you don't have it. Be confident in your body and skin, live life and have fun! Some of us have definitely slacked off on our fitness goals during quarantine, but over here we are team body positivity, no judgment zone and focusing on health/wellness rather than any particular body type.

The Creolenatural multi-purpose tote bag is also the perfect companion for your summer adventures. Whether you are running quick shopping errands during your staycation, strolling through the park, hiking or just sitting out in the backyard, you can carry your essentials in the beautifully designed tote. It's versatile, reusable, eco-friendly and features a bright and happy design! We still have a few more left so support the movement and shop for it here on the site. Overall, I wish everyone a safe and happy summer, building meaningful connections and having open and engaging dialogues about how we can be better human beings, love our planet and each other more.

Creolenatural Tote

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