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Why I No Longer Finish Books I am Not Enjoying, and What I am Reading This Summer!

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

As you get older and become more busy with every-day tasks and responsibilities, do you find it more difficult to carve out time to sit back, relax and get lost in a good book? Adulting sometimes takes over and leave you with no time to do the things you once enjoyed ---- the things that required no advance planning, scheduling and you could effortlessly drift into. Leisure or recreational reading even for book lovers like myself can require a little bit of self-determination, motivation and yes even some advance planning nowadays. But the knowledge, awakening, joy and escape that you can experience from a good book is definitely worth putting in the effort to read more.


If you start reading a book and you discover that you don't like it, do you:

(a) Torture Yourself to Finish Because You Are Not a Quitter or 

(b) Stop Reading Not Worth Your Time or The Torture?

There's no wrong answer to the above, and it just depends on the individual. Until recently, I would have forced myself to finish a book even though I was not enjoying it; however, I have now taken the position that not torturing myself to finish a book that I am clearly not enjoying is an act of selfcare! There's no benefit to feeling stress or pressured to finish a book that you are not enjoying. You are not in school and will not be graded on whether you finish reading it or not. I have also stopped committing to reading a book simply because it's on Oprah's book club (no offense to the Queen) and/or because celebrities are posting about it on social media. Gosh I just really did not enjoy that book that shall remain nameless lol, and it changed my answer from (a) to (b). What one person thinks is a great read just might not be my taste or what I consider to be good and/or beneficial to my heart and soul.

Recreational reading should be fun, transformative/life changing, promotes mental stimulation and serve as a great stress reliever. Some people find it helpful to join a book-club in order to get encouragement, support and be held accountable to keep up with reading goals. If you need a little encouragement and inspiration, sharing below three books that I have purchased and will be reading this summer. If any of these interests you, please join along and who knows we may have an end of summer book party---most likely virtual event but still guaranteed to be lots of fun!

Summer 2020 Reading Suggestions:

  1. Dear Haiti Love Alaine, Co-written by sisters Maika and Maritza Moulite

  2. The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

These three books just seems fun, light and interesting, so I hope they live up to my expectations. Let me know if you decide to read or have read any of these, and in general what's on your summer 2020 reading list!

Champagne and books are always a great idea!

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