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Creole VICE: Exploring The Taste and Culture of Miami, Florida

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Palm trees, beautiful beaches, sizzling sun, glamour, culture (i.e. American, Caribbean, Latin etc.) and thriving nightlife combined are the perfect recipe for fun and adventure. If you haven't already guessed, I am talking about Miami, Florida.

Looking for a quick relaxing and fun getaway look no further than this popular destination City. Located on the Southern tip of Florida, Miami is the perfect playground for people of all ages-- there's something for everyone. While the Cuban influence in the City is undeniably strong, I was particularly interested in exploring the Creole scene/vibes of the City. On this quick 3-day getaway, I discovered a few cool spots and do hope you will be inspired to try these places on your next Miami adventure! Three days wasn't enough time, but I'll be back Miami!

Below are some Miami adVICE but feel free to leave us some recommendations below of places/things to do next time:

Tap Tap Restaurant, located in the South Beach area and the go to spot for classic Haitian cuisines. The restaurant is bright and colorful and features beautiful Haitian arts and murals. Ordered the popular Haitian classic fritay platter w/ a side of rice and black beans and completed the meal with a refreshing Prestige  beer.

Tap Tap Restaurant

Little Haiti: Neighborhood in Miami, FL home to many Haitian immigrants with strong Creole culture/influences (i.e. restaurants, art, music, family-owned enterprises and other cultural activities).

Haitian Proverb: "Anpil Men Chay Pa Lou."

Essentially emphasizing that together w/ unity and team-work, we can achieve the impossible.

Little Haiti Cultural Center & Ti Georges' Kafe

Chef Creole Restaurant is another popular Creole Restaurant that's worth a visit! Loved the decor and ambiance and the food was well seasoned and delicious!

Chef Creole Restaurant

Wynwood: Neighborhood in Miami, FL known for many of its colorful murals, outdoor museums showcasing the work of  some well-known street artists, chic boutiques, bistros and breweries.

Wynwood Walls

Concrete Beach Brewery

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