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CreoleNatural Travel Inspiration For 2019

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

How exciting it's 2019, a New Year and we can finally turn the page to a new chapter! Let's not waste anytime to make every moment count and make this year successful and full of adventures! Many use the start of the New Year as a reset button to re-focus, set new goals, resolutions and vision for the future ahead, which also includes making travel plans.

I know the travel enthusiasts may already have a few trips already lined-up and booked for 2019 but some of us just have ideas in our head, without making any real plans yet.  The latter is more my reality. However, I am sharing my travel wish list with you for inspiration as you plan your 2019 adventures! When it comes to traveling, I have found that it’s best to plan ahead and do some research (e.g. researching best time to go, special events happening etc.) before booking. Some of these destinations have been on my mind/bucket-list for a very long time, and I am writing them down in hope that they may finally become a reality soon.

By the end of the year, in no particular order, it would be lovely to put a check mark next to some of the new places I've never been before.

New Destinations:

  • Paris, France

  • Nassau, Bahamas

  • Belize

  • Panama City, Panama

  • Marrakesh, Morocco

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • Charleston, South Carolina

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Napa Valley, California

On Repeat (wouldn't mind going back):

  • Montreal, Canada

  • Savannah, Georgia

  • Martinique

  • Haiti

  • Portugal (Madeira)

  • South Africa


Below are some of my favorite destinations as recommended by the travel enthusiasts/experts, and while not at the top of my list, definitely will keep these destinations in mind for the future:

  • Ischia, Italy

  • Madeira, Portugal

  • Prague

  • The Seychelles

  • Nairobi, Kenya

  • Matera, Italy

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Tbilisi, Georgia

Refinery 29: 2019 Best-Up-And-Coming Travel Destinations

  • Palomino, Colombia

  • Kigali, Rwanda

  • Ksamil, Albania

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Dakar, Senegal

  • Seattle, USA

  • Meknes, Morocco

Nairobi, Kenya

Business Insider: The 3 best places to travel every month of 2019

Timing can be so important when selecting a new travel destination (off-season, peak, special events/festivals etc.), I really love this article featured on the Business Insider. The article suggests 3 different travel destinations for each month of the year and provides a brief description for why it would be great to travel to that destination during that month. It’s also nice to see some of the places that I have visited or hope to visit featured on that list!

What other destinations have you visited or planning to visit, that you would recommend to the Creolenatural community? Do you live in or have been to some of the destinations mentioned above, leave us some suggestions and ideas of best things to do? Bon voyage!

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