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Finding Happiness As A Tourist in Your City

This year I will not be doing a 2020 travel destination wish list. Truth is no matter how much planning you do, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Plans change and life happens but that’s okay. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel and think it’s great when you can have a vacation booked ahead of time and certain trips may even be cheaper if you plan ahead.

However, I have come to realized that sometimes we can put too much emphasis on waiting for a vacation to truly enjoy life and the blessings of every day. Further, often time we neglect to explore the opportunities and fun that can be had in our own backyard and City. I know at times it’s a welcoming relief to get on a plane (“catch flights not feelings”) and feel like we are escaping our reality and becoming the carefree and responsibility free person that we were before adulting happened. Trust me I get that it can be wonderful to break away from the routine, repetitive nature and monotony of the everyday grind and hustle and just pack a bag and go. Also, I am a big believer in self-care, wellness and finding balance between working hard and playing harder.

What I am hoping to emphasize however is what if we had a mindset shift and worked on designing a life that we don’t always need an escape from. What if we envisioned each new day as an opportunity to be our best self and to find joy in simply living. In 2020, I am challenging myself and you’re welcome to join me in embracing a new way of thinking about vacations—not as an escape from our lives but rather as a way to enhance our knowledge of the world, to explore a different culture and share new experiences with others that we may meet along the way rather than just an escape from our reality.

I often hear people complaining before even departing for a vacation, about how fast the time will go by and how they are already dreading coming back home etc. It can be quite hilarious, and I have been that person; however, my goal is to design a life that I am always happy and grateful to come back to.

So rather than the usual post about “10 places to travel in 2020,” this coming year, I simply want to be fully present in my everyday life and to be happy! I hope to explore my own City more and do more of the things that I love. If you’re wondering where I will be traveling to in 2020, the answer is I don’t know yet or the famous lawyer answer “it depends.” But what I do know is that I will be a tourist in New York! Isn’t it amazing how you can live in a City where people spend so much money to visit and do all these wonderful things and yet all you do is work, go home and never actually stopping to see what the hype is all about.

Below is a suggestion of things that you can do to live like a tourist in your City.

Art, music and theater: Museums, Broadway, Concerts

Attractions in New York:

Statute of Liberty

Empire State Building

The Brooklyn Bridge

Central Park

Food: Dining at a cute café/restaurant can feel like you are in London and Paris trust me lol!

People: Explore a new neighborhood. New York City is so diverse and is a melting pot of

different people and cultures. Get out there and network with some new people.

Don’t wait for a vacation or some future date to live your best life. If you have other suggestions or things that you think is a must do as a tourist in New York do share!

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