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How a Night Time Sleep Routine Can Help You on Your Wellness Journey

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Do you have a nighttime routine(s) before bed? A routine is defined as a sequence of actions regularly followed, and those actions can become habitual and help you to become more discipline in many areas of your life.

Comfortable bed and clean sheets can help promote a more restful night of sleep!
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For example, having a night-time skin care routine can help you to maintain healthy, clear and youthful skin. Healthy and glowing skin can help boost your confidence and helps you to age more gracefully. Habits helps us to be discipline and helps us to achieve desired outcome and benefits can flow from one area of our life to the next.

Similarly, it’s important for our overall health and wellness that we get a restful night of sleep. Going to bed around the same time every day can help your body to adjust to a sleep schedule which can help you to enjoy a more restful night of sleep and be more productive the next day. Sleep is so essential to our well-being—having that time to allow your mind/body to rest, refresh and rejuvenate has so many health benefits.

The quality of the sleep you get also makes a difference. It’s important to make sure that you are comfortable and setting the right vibe to ensure better sleep. Things such as a comfortable mattress, clean sheet and pillow cases, and self-care habits such taking a warm bath and drinking some calming tea before bed—all can help the body to relax and wind down so you can fall asleep faster and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Other routines can include reading, praying and connecting to God and/or writing in journal before bed. You might also have a routine of making sure you do a bit of cleaning and tidying up before bed so you don’t wake up to chaos and a disorganized home. This particular routine can set the tone for you to have a productive new day and encourage you to make so many other healthier choices during the day.

Whatever the routine you choose to adopt, it can help on your wellness journey and create sort of a domino effect allowing you to develop new healthier habits in other areas of your life.

Sleep is so essential to our overall physical and mental health. For adults, the recommended amount of sleep needed is at least seven (7) hours each night, but some people need a lot more sleep than that—I know I do! Some of the benefits to having a restful night of sleep includes the following:

  1. Better concentration;

  2. Improved mood and reduced stress;

  3. Boost to immune system and lower risk of serious health problems;

  4. Rejuvenation (a/k/a beauty sleep which I truly believe in lol); and

  5. Clearer mind and sharper brain.

In keeping the above benefits in mind, I do hope you will consider having a night time routine that can help you to sleep better and improve your overall health and wellness.


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