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Emerging From Quarantine With Strength, Resilience And Yes Clearer Skin Too!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Sheet Face Mask (Image via Pexels)

We are more than halfway through the year, and it's time for reflection on everything---- the good, the bad and the ugly. However, for now let's solely focus on the good (we have experienced enough  chaos and ugliness in the past few months), and I want to  talk about the improvements to my skin (farewell acne and hyperpigmentation); I feel like a new woman! I am attributing these gains to a combination of multiple factors including being on lock-down and spending more time indoors and less exposure to environmental toxins and sun damage, less stress from no longer being startled by my alarm clock at 5:30am to get ready for work and running to catch the train, and a whole lot of selfcare at home including more restful sleep, more healthy meal planning, drinking more water, herbal teas to boost the immune system and yes lots of at-home facials.  It also helped that I have not been out and about shopping which reduced the urged to experiment with a bunch of different new products. If you attended the vision board party back in January you know healthy hair/skin and more selfcare was definitely on my vision board. I am happy to update you that quarantine 2020 has helped me to stay on top of these goals while also limiting my ability to accomplish other goals. But that's okay because life is all about balance and sometimes shifting and moving with the flow of things.

One new skin-care habit that I want to share is that I have recently started using designated face towels (washcloth) to wipe/dry face. I don't know if that really makes a difference but when it comes to skin-care, any new habits that seems to be more sanitary and promotes skin health is worth a try. Just like it's important to change sheets and pillow-cases often to prevent irritations especially those with conditions such as eczema and acne-prone skin, it totally makes sense that using designated face towels could help to maintain healthy skin. Sharing how I store face-towels in the bathroom for easy access and use.

Now that things are starting to re-open, and I have already started heading back to the office on rotating schedule, I am worried that things will return back to "normal" but determined to maintain many of the healthy habits that I have developed over the past few months. I also know that it's essential to continue to follow workplace wellness and selfcare practices while back in the office (after working from home for the last 4 months) in order to avoid fast burnout and maintain good health.

Quarantine has thought me a lot about remaining positive in times of uncertainties and gaining strength in the challenges that we face. I have had a lot of time to reflect on  the future and the 20/20 vision and goals that I set at the beginning of the year. Of course things, had to be shifted to adjust to new realities but that does not mean giving up altogether on our goals---quarantine taught many lessons in resilience and finding creative ways to push through even on days when completely numb by negative news and despair.

In reflecting on goals moving forward, I recognized that I need to be more bold in asking for the things that I want, both in  my personal and professional relationships, and being prepared to received them. "Success is when preparation meets opportunity" --- an anonymous quote and intro to my personal statement when applying to Law School more than a decade ago. That mantra helped me to get admitted into law school and has helped me to grow in my career as an in-house attorney all these years and have no doubt that this will continue to help me to get into the door for my next adventure.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to slow down, re-adjust our priorities and focus on the things we value most (e.g. friends, family, love, health and wellness), and I just hope that moving forward those of us who are lucky to have survived this pandemic can hold on to some of the great lessons it has taught us.  Many people have been learning new skills, exploring natural-born talents and preparing for what's next, and preparing for the future, and I want to remind you that your goals and dreams are valid! Continue to reach for the stars and dream big. Dream as big as Kanye West announcing earlier this month that he's running for President of the United States with the hashtag #2020vision --- his chances highly unlikely and I do hope that he prioritizes his mental health and wellness, but you have to admire his confidence. By the way we have only 99 days until the Presidential elections in the United States and that in itself is really good news! On a serious note though imagine if more women applied to leadership positions that they weren't completely qualified for like men do all the time. Imagine if we lived in a world where women weren't rejected from leadership roles due to lack of "leadership experience" when men are simply given the opportunity to develop those skills and learn as they go. Here's to wishing for a more equal and fair society where everyone is  afforded the same opportunities for success regardless of race and gender. And here's to our safe emergence from quarantine stronger, better and with renewed purpose for achieving our goals!

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